Custom cast platinum antique style engagement ring with a 1.52 carat round diamond center set in a 4 prong setting. Split shank band with two filigree curls in the split on either side of the diamond and scroll engraving on the band. Cathedral side face with 4 panels of 2 filigree curls, and half wheat engraving. Miligrain edges size 5.5. Polish finish. (ref #84340)

Designer Owner

Brian G.

GLJW Designer



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What the Owner of this Piece says...

I wanted something petite, elegant and beautiful what would not take attention away from the diamond. I think the design captures this very well. Really, it is two different rings in one. It has an elegant and classy shape from afar and is a stunning piece of artwork up close. Either way it is a conversation piece. Thanks Greenlake’s for making my vision come true in a few easy steps.

post by Brian at 5/17/2013 12:10:48 PM