PROCESS, VOL. 4: Flower Ring

ARTIST AT WORK: Green Lake Metalsmith Kirk Lang obtains Prestigious Fellowship

SEATTLE –After completing his Masters of Fine Arts, serving as an adjunct professor to the University of Washington, fabricating cutting-edge kinetic and exotic metal jewelry, showing a multitude of sculptural collections throughout the Nation’s leading galleries, and having work published in an array of fancy coffee table books; one could say Kirk Lang is a […]

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT: Green Lake Designer Tomas Wittelsbach Speaks at Seattle Metals Guild

April 12 2012 Seattle Metals Guild – Green Lake Designer Tomas Wittelsbach speaks on how he sculpts virtually with robust 3D modeling programs originally intended for the film industry, but now redefining the production of high-end jewelry.


When we heard the story of how Josh met Karen, it was difficult not to draw some strong parallels to the hit show, Glee. If you haven’t seen the show, here’s one of the drawn out romantic plot lines in a nutshell: Tall, dark, and handsome teacher whom all the kids adore falls in love […]

5OO RINGS: Green Lake Bench Artist Adrienne Krieger Published in the New Edition

    When Green Lake first opened its doors, 500 Rings served as a beautiful coffee table book for our shop to set out and hopefully associate ourselves with the level of artistry showcased inner amongst the pages. We still fan out books like these on the fireside table and coffee counter of our Seattle […]

“SKILLFUL & IMAGINATIVE” Metalsmith Magazine reviews Green Lake Engraver Harry Caldwell IV

Here at the shop we’re always throwing around this this notion that we’re not just a ‘normal jewelry store;’ we’re really all artists at work. So we’re all very proud when one of our own is highlighted nationally for their artistry and craftsmanship. This month Harry Caldwell – Green Lake’s go to man for masterful […]


This past winter season Josh collaborated with Green Lake designer Sophia to create an engagement ring that would both punctuate his love and accurately represent the uniqueness in his bride-to-be, Aleya. The ring is stunning, sure, but it’s the story of how it was presented that really caught our attention here at the workshop. Josh […]

EVENT: The 2012 Colored Gem Show

Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th 10:00am – 5:00pm Take advantage of this wide offering of brilliantly colored gem stones, brought in from the finest collections to be shown in the Green Lake Jewelry Works’ studio for one weekend only. Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift with a wide one—time—only selection of birthstones.  Door […]

SMART SHOW: Interview with Green Lake Founder, Jim Tuttle

Read more of the online version of SMART magazine.      

VOLUME 3: Platinum Dragon

A ring that recently left our Seattle studio caught the eye of many within our design team; Boasting a gorgeous asscher-cut center stone, this ring came to be known as the ‘Platinum Dragon.’ It was a really cool concept brought forth by a client who worked with Green Lake Designer Sophia from clear on the […]

78th & COGNAC: A platinum band for a manly man

New York City – This past weekend Green Lake’s Charlie Herner took home the prize from the Sustainable Design 2012 competition. It was a gala event put on by Johnson Matthey, the London based refiner of noble metals with a 150-year history of supplying the world’s leading jewelers with precious gold, platinum, and silver. The […]

Every Day at Green Lake

“Everyday we’re doing something new, so it’s the perfect job. ” 


  Upon the remake, the original deco lines were reimagined to be bolder, stronger, and yet mimic  subtle folds of fabric.   Green Lake Desinger Melissa Tuttle worked on making this 10-year anniversary ring perfect; which, as its owner commented, bookended nicely since it was Melissa’s father Jim who helped to create the original wedding […]

FIRST PLACE TROPHY: Stakes are high for Green Lake’s ‘Design of the Month Contest’

Remember when you were a kid and there was a trophy given out for just about anything you applied yourself to? Don’t you wish outfitting your mantle with awards and accolades was as fun as a childhood weekend? We’ll, now you can with the awards of all awards; the Green Lake Jewelry Works Design of […]

GREEN LAKE GIVES: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation’s 2012 Charity Auction

This year Green Lake gives a special piece to help raise funds for the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation – an equally special organization that helps both children and adults with limb loss in the developing world. Whether it’s from war, disease, natural disasters or accidents, amputees without access to modern medical care face a life of […]

ENGAGEMENT STORY: Christine and Benito

Benito recently worked with Green Lake Designer Melissa Tuttle to fashion a beautiful engagement ring. This ring was cast in platinum, set with diamonds throughout custom made ribbons, and features a stunning ruby as the center gemstone (to see this client’s gallery, click here). But as with most engagement rings, the story of presenting it […]

LOVE RING: This is no statement piece. It’s a declaration!

There was a terribly clever ring that came out of the workshop not too long ago – one we’ve been really meaning to share, but alas with a long run of holidays, events, (and perhaps a little procrastination), a quality post for this innovative piece had been regretfully delayed. So, while Valentine ’s Day has now come […]

VOLUME 2: How one custom made ring can inspire another

Here comes the second installment of Green Lake’s process videos. This one shows how a ring we collaborated on in the past can still serve as potent inspiration for a new original. See how one custom designed wedding ring lends new direction and likable design cues to another:

GREEN LAKE: We’re ready for our close up!


Eric, an Artist here at Green Lake, has put up a pretty cool blog that will focus on some of the more interesting in’s and out’s of the custom jewelry world. If you’re thinking about making a custom piece, I think this blog lends both information and inspiration. Check ’em out:

GREEN LAKE GIVES: Local school that teaches across the autism spectrum receives big support at fundraiser auction

Seattle’s Academy for Precision Learning recently hosted their annual charitable auction to raise funds for their unique program which caters to both typically developing children as well as those students across the spectrum of autism. For the event, Green Lake gifted an original 14k white gold and diamond  pendent. As with many of the charitable […]

VOLUME 1: Rough casting to finished piece

How is a rough metal casting turned into a glimmering thing of beauty? Well, check it out:  

GREEN LAKE VISITS CHINA: Owner Jim Tuttle connects with local silversmiths

When one of my key people in the shop up and moved to China with her husband who was working on an extended project there, I arranged for her to work and design with the Seattle shop remotely. That was no big deal – keeping talented people who really know their stuff in the Green […]

PICKING UP SALES ONLINE: MJSA’s Custom Jeweler Magazine puts the Green Lake experience on the front page

For a local Seattle shop of primarily jewelers and craftsmen, developing a quality online custom jewelry experience required a lot of homework, tenacity, and a do-it-yourself mentality.  MJSA’s Custom Jeweler magazine recently highlighted the unique and personal approach to collaborating with out of state (and sometimes out of country) clients online – a body which […]

STATEMENT PIECE: Green Lake Designer Tomas Wittelsbach crafts wearable sculptures

A master sculptor and veteran of some of Hollywood’s most celebrated costume and set designs, Tomas Wittelsbach blends cutting-edge technology and a traditional sense of old-world craftsmanship into his fantastically detailed works here at Green Lake. Though much of his present focus is on a new line that plays on more delicate, feminine pieces which boast […]

HOW TO GROW A RING: Green Lake prints jewelry in 3D

A recent TED Talk on trends in how things are made from Digital Forming’s CEO Lisa Harouni discussed the future democratization of 3D printing:  Digital data-fed machines that rapidly ‘grow’ physical replicas of virtual models microscopic layer by layer. Beyond the purposes of prototyping product innovations and scale models, 3D printing technology is enabling the […]

SNOWED IN: Green Lake Jewelry weathers the storm

Though predominantly known for our ever-grey skies and humble drizzle, we Seattleites can still hold our own when it comes to serious snowfall. And while it only lasts a few days, the snow can make for a menacing commute that’s full of sloshy turns and impossibly steep hills; which inspire a comparatively high population of […]

WEDDING SHOW-BOATERS: Green Lake represents at the 2012 Seattle Wedding Show

It was a busy weekend for a handful of designers and jewelers at Green Lake. We put some serious time and enthusiasm into this year’s Seattle Wedding Show; an event catered toward eager brides-to-be and their entourage of giddy friends, been-there-done-that moms, and a scant few fiancés, awkwardly trailing about the convention center like it […]

ON THE COVER: Green Lake’s Jeremy Dunn gets more than just his name in print

At Green Lake, Jeremy Dunn is a serious gold and platinumsith.  Replete with meticulous bead-setting and engraving, the stunningly detailed bridal pieces he fashions are a seasoned jeweler’s pragmatism at work. Still, he maintains a stealthy pursuit toward a looser side of jewelry – one that’s unkempt and free of the exacting standards placed on […]

A HELIO SEQUENCE: Green Lake showcases bench artist Amber Worley’s own collection of sterling silver for the holidays

  In addition to the original pieces Amber Worley creates for her clientele at Green Lake, she’s a designer, gemstone setter, and gold & platinumsmith who maintains a personal line of striking pieces which appeal to her own smart aesthetic. 90 percent of the fine jewelry that leaves Green Lake’s doors is entirely custom and […]