Artist at work...

Jim Tuttle
Founder & President
Designer, CAD Modeler, Gold and Platinumsmith
GIA AJP, MJSA Custom Design Advisory Council

Jim Tuttle is the founder and President of Green Lake Jewelry Works. In his nearly thirty years as a bench jeweler, designer, and CAD modeler, he’s made thousands of custom pieces with and for his clients at Green Lake.

In addition to his bench and CAD training, Jim has several GIA jewelry and gemology certificates and is on the MJSA Custom Jewelry Advisory Council.

Jim is often referred to as a leader in the custom jewelry industry and speaks at many industry events, including MJSA Expo, JCK Vegas, Seattle Metals Guild, the Instore Bench competitions, Portland jewelry symposium and Gemvision conclaves on topics ranging from online custom design and customer experience based retailing to CAD/CAM and the resurgence of traditional fine jewelry making skills.

Green Lake Jewelry Works is the largest custom jeweler open to the public, with over 65 jewelry artists in two Seattle area locations. The Seattle shop was chosen as "Coolest Big Jewelry Store" by INSTORE magazine in 2012. The Bellevue location, with lessons from Green Lake’s twenty years as a leader in the custom jewelry business, was built both to be a great working shop for their jewelry artists and as an inviting and interesting place for clients. Green Lake is a member of AGTA & MJSA and is often referred to as a model for the custom jewelry business of the future.

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