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When people walk into Green Lake Jewelry Works, one of the first things that are observed is that we’re not an average jeweler. Our Seattle studio is filled with soft glows and art glass. The floor is elaborately painted by hand painted, the hardwood fixtures were crafted on site, and the cases are as much art sculpture as they are used for displaying jewelry.

You’ll notice we’ve done away with sales people, and instead we’ve relied on craftsmen to make themselves available to browsing customers, as they hammer, cut, and set in an wide open workshop. We offer each of our guests espresso or tea before getting to know them, and let kids loose to be enchanted in the play area. By all measures we’re the kind of business that reflects the down-to-earth Northwest sensibilities our clients would expect from fellow Seattleites.

It may surprise some to know that the Seattle Studio was built by the same jewelers and artist who work in it. Instead of contracting builders or a design firm, Green Lake Jewelry Works was literally designed and renovated from the ground up by its own people – making the level of ownership that goes into each piece crafted within its walls that much more significant.


25 Bellevue Way SE, Bellevue WA 98004
(425) 598-8900 – M-Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 10am-5pm
Secure underground parking entrance is on Bellevue Way, adjacent the CVS pharmacy

July, 2016 - Green Lake Jewelry Works opens its second workshop and design studio in Old Bellevue, right at the corner of Main Street and Bellevue Way. As with the Seattle studio, Green Lake offers a departure from traditional jewelry stores. Clients work directly with artists to design their own engagement rings and wedding bands with sustainable materials in a more relaxed, creative space.


Ever since opening on Green Lake Drive 20 years ago, our focus has been ‘the workshop.’ This is a place where we make things, the kind of jewelry that takes a level of time and attention that’s increasingly rare in our trade. The Bellevue studio is no exception: Each piece designed in Bellevue is also handcrafted on site in an open and transparent space by the same experienced designers and jewelers which Green Lake is known for. It’s a place where clients can participate in creating the most significant purchases of their lives.

Custom made pieces offer personal details and incorporate so much more meaning than a simple purchase. This is why the artists at work here made all of the unique displays and cases in the shop. The hand painted floor is also the result of 30 like-minded creatives, each rolling up their sleeves to leave a lasting mark on our Eastside home. And much like our careful sourcing of sustainable materials used in the workshop, considerate planning of natural light and open space in the studio is centered as much on energy efficiency as it is on the health and wellness of our team.

Green Lake offers its clientele a studio, not a store. Here custom jewelry begins with a sketch, where designers lend advice and help inspire the perfect piece. In the studio we show loose and raw gemstones, compare noble metals like gold and platinum and offer examples of the kind of craftsmanship that makes Green Lake a nationwide destination for custom engagement and wedding bands. We look forward to working with you to create something special, locally made with responsibly sourced diamonds, Fairmined certified gold and other mine-to-market gems. There is no appointments necessary.


Exceptional custom jewelry now in Bellevue, with all work done on premises in the Green Lake Studios.

We rebuild and restore fine jewelry, otherwise thought beyond repair.

We offer the best selection of gems and cut rough material into custom gems.

We offer Fairmined certified gold to promote health, education and gender equality within developing communities along the global supply chain.

What Pacific Northwest experience would be complete without a proper espresso?
We welcome anyone in the neighborhood to drop in for some Vashon Island Coffee and a visit.
Looking forward to seeing you around!