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Starting with a Designer

Most projects start with a simple, one-on-one conversation with a designer. We cover all the bases with you, from who is it for, to what's your budget?

Think of your designer as a problem solving friend and your own expert custom design guide.

  • Virtual consultations are a great way to start!
  • There's no extra fees to work with a designer.
  • Choose a specific designer, or leave it to us.
Starting a new design from home, with a ferry and mountains in the background

Details Matter

Our Design Builder guides you step by step through each design element so no detail is missed.

Your choices are saved in your design page where you can add your own images. This is when a conversation with a designer can really come in handy.

Your designer is a problem solver and an expert custom design guide. She'll take your ideas and give you professional advice, estimates and make sure everything works together and in your budget.

Start with Design Builder
Unique design from Green Lake Jewelry Works
Starting with a Green Lake design
  • Click Customize on any item.

    We'll take you through the steps.

  • Save pieces with design elements you like to your Favorites. (The  on each picture)
  • Tell us the story behind this piece...that's how we can make it special for you.

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gem stones
Starting with a Gemstone

Before choosing a gemstone, a quick chat with a designer can help avoid costly mistakes. It's like having a good friend who just happens to be a gem and custom design expert.

From durability, to the real deal about the 4-C's and your budget, she can quickly answer almost any question.

How to get the perfect gem.
  • Choose from our exceptional collection.

    Hand selected from the finest suppliers in the world; plus Sapphires from our own mining in Montana and cut here in our shop.

    These are exceptional gems we liked enough to invest in.

  • Consult with a Gem Expert.

    Our very picky gemstone buyers, Brant and Elaine, and our Designers really do have your best interests at heart when advising you on what will work best and which gems really look amazing with no BS.

Start with the Gems
Ring Types
Explore styles and design elements

    Tired of Galleries and filters? Explore styles with our Style FinderSM

  • Save items with elements you like to your favorites.
  • Add notes so your designer will learn your preferences.
  • If you find a design you want to start with, click 'Customize' or 'Ask a Designer' for help.
  • Sign up for a Design Page first to save everything as you go.
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