Real Custom Requires Real Artists...

Artists, Designers & Craftsmen

Jim Tuttle
Founder & President Designer, CAD Modeler, Gold and Platinumsmith GIA AJP, MJSA Custom Design Advisory Council Read More
Design Group and Production Director Senior Designer Founding Artist Read More
Operations Director Senior Designer HR & Special Projects Read More
Brant K
Gemstone Director Gemstone Buyer Designer Read More
Melissa W
Production Director Bellevue Senior Designer Read More
Design Group Training and Development Director Senior Designer GIA Graduate Gemologist, GIA AJP Read More
Senior Designer Gold and Platinumsmith, Gem Setter Specialty in hand fabrication Read More
Ashley Y
Senior Designer BFA Metalsmithing & Jewelry, Art History Read More
Ben M
Senior Designer DCA Diamontologist Read More
Chelsea K
Senior Designer Diamond Graduate AJP Gemological Institute of America Read More
Senior Designer Read More
Senior Designer Assistant Manager Diamond and Gemstone Consultant Read More
Rebecca P
Senior Designer Read More
CAD/CAM Director Designer MFA Jewelry and Metal Arts Read More
Pia G
Brand Manager Senior Designer Read More
Dana S
Jewelry Art Consultant Read More
Elaine S
Gemstone Buyer Merchandising Read More
Ellen L
Designer Read More
Erich M
Designer Read More
Michelle L
Designer CAD Modeler GIA Graduate Gemologist Read More
CAD Modeler Designer Read More
Vinh K
Senior Designer Diamond Specialist Read More
Shop Foreman - Bellevue Gold & Platinumsmith Hand engraver, Gemstone setter Read More
Shop Foreman - Seattle Gold & Platinumsmith, Gem Setter Specialty in hand fabrication Read More
Gold & Platinumsmith Specialties in Casting Gemstone Setting MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts Read More
Bruce M
Wax Carver CAM Technician, Specialty in Casting Read More
Caitlin W
Gold & Platinumsmith JA Certified Bench Jeweler Gemological Assoc of Great Britain DGA Read More
Gold and Platinumsmith Engraver, Stone Setter, Blacksmith Specialties in Mokume Gane and Damascus Read More
Corey Q
Gold & Platinumsmith Diamonds Graduate GIA Read More
Daniel C
Gemstone cutter GIA Graduate Gemologist GIA AJP Read More
Dat Le
Gold and Platinumsmith Gem Setter, Specialty in Hand Fabrication Read More
Eric Harman
Gold & Platinumsmith Stone Setter Read More
Repair and Restoration Specialist Gold & Platinumsmith, Gem Setter Specialty in hand fabrication Read More
Henri R
Gold & Platinumsmith Read More
Gold & Platinumsmith Hand Engraver Specialist in Hand Fabrication Read More
Justin W
Gold & Platinumsmith Read More
CAD/ CAM Senior Designer Read More
Wax Carver Read More
Mac Q
Gold & Platinumsmith Gemstone setter Read More
Marc V
Gold & Platinumsmith Read More
Wax Carver CAD/CAM and Casting Technician Read More
Gold & Platinumsmith Restoration and Unique Finishes Specialist Read More
Robert L
Gold & Platinumsmith Gemstone Setter, Fine Restoration Designer - CAD Modeler Read More
Rocky H
Gold & Platinumsmith Read More
Thomas M
CAD Modeler Read More
Tim D
Casting Technician Gold & Platinumsmith Read More
Gold & Platinumsmith Specialty in hand engraving Read More

Administrators, Media & Support

Christine D
Administrative Assistant Read More
Lead Photographer Web Provisioning Read More
Ivy O
Barista & Greeter Inventory Assistant Read More
Jason G
IT & Technology support CAD Modeler, Gold and Platinum Smith, Gem Setter Read More
Kristen B
Social Media Lead Photographer Read More
Lauren L
Production Associate Gem Lab Assistant Jewelry Artist Read More
Lilianne S
Administrative Assistant Read More
Lindsay H
Production Assistant Read More
Russell I
Chief Financial Officer Read More
Technical Director Read More
Wendy W
Bookkeeper Read More
Yosan M
Administrative Assistant Gem Lab Assistant Read More