What you should know about halo rings

Custom Halo engagement rings

A halo ring has small accent gems framing a larger main gemstone to define & accentuate its geometry. A halo makes a diamond look bigger and brighter and frames a colored gem to set its natural color ablaze.

Halo rings are amongst the most popular styles with a range of options to create many different looks.

What's good about halo rings?

Halos make a diamond look bigger.

This makes a halo ring is a perfect way to accentuate a center stone without spending as much on a larger stone.

A diamond twice the size is much more than twice the price, so a halo can help create a bigger look for less money.

Most halo settings offer the diamond protection.

Although diamonds are natures' hardest substance, the thin out edge can be chipped if it is hit against a hard surface.

What's bad about a halo?

The extra diamonds and work can be expensive

Plus, all those small stones can need maintainance over the years.

We try to avoid using prongs on halos, which can snag and wear down. French set, Bead set and similar styles can be more durable.

Halo settings can be beautifully integrated into most engagement ring designs and will accommodate any gem shape. A round diamond may have a traditional circle of side diamonds, and this is where the halo setting gets its name. Fancy shapes such as a princess, emerald, marquise, or asscher look great with a frame of side diamonds. We specialize in custom making unique halo rings like double halos, scalloped shapes and other unconventional styles.s

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