What you should know about halo rings

Custom Halo engagement rings

A halo ring has small accent gems framing a larger main gemstone to define & accentuate its geometry. A halo makes a diamond look bigger and brighter and frames a colored gem to set its natural color ablaze.

Popular Halo styles

Classic petite halo rings


Halo with accent gems set with the least metal possible.

Mandala halo engagement rings


Halos with 5 or more repeating elements.

double-halo engagement rings


May be stepped, or with gems on the top and side face.

Art deco halo engagement rings


The classic halo, usually bead-set with a milgrain frame.

hand engraved rings


Halo with Art deco, square, hexagon and other geometric elements.

flower halo engagement rings


Floral shapes, usually with 3 or more leaves.

solitaire rings


Square layout with elements at the four compass points.

Ornate halo ring


Halos with complex elements and motifs.

twisted halo ring


Halos with twisted or braided motifs

solitaire rings


Timeless & solid-classics for low stress elegance.

rustic freeform halo ring c


Halo with openings or spaces between elements.

3-stone halo ring


Halo with 2 side stones or other side elements.

Good things about halo settings

petite halo

Halos make a diamond look bigger.

This makes a halo element a perfect way to accentuate a center stone without spending as much on a larger stone. A diamond twice the size is much more than twice the price, so a halo can help create a bigger look for less cost.

Halo settings protect the main gemstone.

Although diamonds and sapphires are two of are natures' hardest substance, the thin outer edge can be chipped if it is hit against a hard surface.

Potential downsides to a halo

The extra diamonds and work can be expensive, and the small stones can need maintenance over the years.
We try to minimize use of prongs for accent stones on, which can snag and wear down. French set, Scalloped fishtail, Bead set and similar styles can be more durable.

Halo alternatives

A true halo has gems surrounding the main gem.

partial halo ring


Designs that don't go all the way around.

solitaire rings


Cluster settings have larger accent, usually with prongs.

hybrid halo ring c


Accent stone arrangements that aren't quite halos.

Hidden Halo ring example


A sideways facing ring of gemstones under the main stone.

non-stone halo rings


Non-stone elements surrounding in a halo arrangement.

Art deco halo engagement rings


Starburst cluster, usually with baguette or marquise gems.

The halo structure changes everything

Above and BeyondTM details

hybrid halo ring c


Open to see your gemstone.

partial halo ring


Open gallery lets light in and adds detail.

non-stone halo rings


Beauty and elegance from every angle.

hybrid halo ring c


Carved designs for secret details.

non-stone halo rings


Clean, classic and easy to care for.

partial halo ring


Any raised, open gallery can have filigree added.

The side view of the setting is the gallery or 'through finger' view.

While everyone sees the top view, the side is seen more by the wearer.

Recent custom Halo rings

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