Our Design Page is where we help you Design Your Own custom jewelry.

How It Works...

As you browse our galleries, save your favorite designs, ideas & gemstones. Then use your Design Page to:
  • Save other images (sketches, pictures of family jewelry, design inspirations, etc).
  • Ask about custom design ideas, pricing or repair & restoration questions.
  • Choose a Diamond or Colored Gemstone.
  • When you're finished, view your Favorites on your design page & post questions, images, ideas, get price quotes, etc.
You'll work closely with our artists to create a special piece that is just your style. We'll show you new ideas, sketches, CAD renderings, wax models & more.
You get to have a one-on-one conversation with an experienced jewelry designer who will help you design your piece, choose gemstones, review sketches, CAD models and photos of your piece in progress, as you follow the Design & creation process all the way through!

Best of all, we keep everything organized on your Design Page.

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custom jewelry design process

How Our Site & the Design Page Work Together

Create a Design Page before you start.
This gives you a place to save Favorites & Notes about ideas you like to a private, password protected Design Page of your own.
We only need an e-mail address and state (so we can invite you in should you live nearby).
We keep your information Private and just use it to answer your questions.
We do not share your info with anyone, Period.

Sharing Your Design Page

You can invite a guest to view your design page without sharing your login info.
  • Guests can't post to the page.
  • Guests can only see posts you've marked to be visible.
  • Just click the 'Share Design Page' link on your page & send them the link!
  • This is a great way to send a private hint to that special someone!

This allows you to share the exciting custom jewelry design process with whomever you choose... Need help deciding on the princess cut or radiant cut? Ask your mom, dad, friends or anyone you want!
For privacy, We do not use or share your friends email addresses in any way after you send the link to them.

Uploading your own Images

Images can be .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, or .tiff format.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content we deem offensive or inappropriate.
  • Please don't ask us to copy other peoples designs, we love to be inspired, but we don't copy.
  • Images you post will not be made public without permission.

People love to follow along as we Design and Create Unique fun Pieces, so we may share our sketches, images, videos or renderings on publicly visible pages like Facebook or Pinterest as we design your piece. Sometimes we even record the creation of a particularly interesting piece on video, and share it with our fans.
We promise we won't ever share your words or images you upload unless you ask us to!

Sample design pages

These are examples of our Personal Design Page & Blog SM. These slightly edited, real design pages, were graciously shared by customers who designed a ring with us & allowed us to use their page as examples!