Some of the world’s rarest sapphires are discovered right in our backyard. Eons of volcanic and glacial movements in the region have bound unique blends of minerals to provide gems like no other.
From Green Lake Jewelry Works, we present direct-sourced, natural Montana sapphires.
The kind of sapphires Green Lake is sourcing from Montana are different in the way they’re mined. Unlike some sapphire deposits that lay deep underground in hard rock dikes (requiring more extensive tunneling and excavation), these sapphires are sourced from alluvial deposits – the ancient shoals, deltas and tributaries from rivers that flowed ages ago.

More on our sourcing can be found in the BLOG

Rough Sapphire Cut for Beauty, Not Yield.

We give our custom jewelry clients an opportunity to guide the perfect shape and color of their sapphire by starting out with rough. We take stones to the cutting wheel looking for inherent beauty and natural hues, not just the most carat weight.
Contact Green Lake's GEM LAB for special gem cutting requests.
Montana offers a wild array of naturally colored sapphire
scarcely found anywhere else in the world.
From deep to light blue to forest and minty
greens – and even vibrant yellows.

Looking for a special color not seen in
our galleries? Make a special request

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