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Shop hundreds of custom designs with Montana sapphires.
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Sapphire mining in Montana is an echo of the original gold rush. Sapphires were not the goal when the river bottom deposits were first discovered, as our prospecting ancestors were only in search of gold.


Our collection of ecologically sourced Montana sapphires come from small-scale, low impact mines that sort through alluvial deposits which were once the riverbeds of ancient waterways. The sapphires discovered in this region of the world come in a wild array of color - from lush peach to deep teal - and it's exceedingly rare to find any two that are alike. This offers custom wedding ring clients innumerable possibilities in making a truly original piece of jewelry.


Green Lake Jewelry Works goes right to the source in Montana for the best sapphires available. Our collection of these rare gems is one of the largest in North America.

Shop hundreds of custom designs with Montana sapphires.

Some of the world's most beautiful, unique, and rare sapphires are found right here in America, between Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. Visit Mines

We focus on beauty rather than size when cutting our gems. Our Montana Collection features sapphires in unique shapes that optimize their natural color and sparkle. Browse Sapphires

Creating a custom wedding ring for a loose Montana sapphire is a fun, artistic process that allows you to own a truly one of a kind ring. Start a Design

Shop hundreds of custom designs with Montana sapphires.

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