Founded in 1996 by jewelry artists, Green Lake is the industry leader in ethically made custom jewelry using sustainable, Above and BeyondTM Diamonds and fine Gemstones. We design and manufacture in-house using the finest mix of old world techniques and cutting edge technology.

We go above and beyond our peers to translate our client’s ideas into beautiful designs, using precious materials to craft original jewelry that signifies the most important moments in their life.
We have high values in our approach to fine jewelry making. We strive to go above and beyond industry standards in all areas.
Everyone at Green Lake is an artist at heart. We’re not just doing a job; this is a passion. That passion equates to technical excellence in all areas of fine jewelry making.
We are committed to leading our industry in all areas of sustainability. By producing most of our products in-house, we control all aspect of our sourcing and manufacturing directly. We develop and use cutting edge technologies to go Above and BeyondTM in diamond sourcing and selection.
We independently craft every part of every piece that leaves the workshop, and apply that do-it-yourself attitude toward building each area of our business ourselves – including the workshop.
Our shops make jewelry for people of all walks of life. The diversity of ideas we receive provides our galleries with thousands of classic, unique and unconventional pieces to be inspired by.
As a departure in an otherwise confusing trade, we put our jewelry business on full display. It’s important our clients see the community and artistry their purchases ultimately support.
Earning our client’s trust is what helps us grow as a business. We guarantee our client’s will love what we craft for them, or we will make it all over again for free.
Selling things is not nearly as fun or rewarding as creating them. We want our clients to go home happy and excited that they had a fun time – and in the end, they receive beautiful jewelry too.



Above and beyondTM metal

Almost a quarter of the world’s gold supply for currency, electronics and jewelry comes from artisanal small-scale mining (ASM) communities, which accounts for 15 million miners worldwide and indirectly supports the livelihood of 100 million people in underdeveloped or developing countries. ASM is often associated with illegality, fueling conflict, child labor, gender inequality, poor health and environmental destruction by the irresponsible use of mercury. In an effort to transform mining into an active force for social development and environmental protection, the Alliance for Responsible Mining developed the Fairmined Standard, a certification that demands a slightly higher price for gold at market but assures worker’s rights and safety while adhering to environmental guidelines.

Green Lake already uses 100% recycled noble metals throughout our operation, which we regard as kind of ‘zero impact;’ we are not contributing to the mining of new gold when we use recycled material, and yet we are not bettering the way gold will continue to be mined either. That’s why in using Fairmined Certified gold for all pieces we craft using yellow gold, and in offering the option to our custom clients, we’re helping to transform the industry by bringing mining communities out of the poverty and dangerous working conditions they’d otherwise experience without global participation.

Right now, Green Lake is one of only a few places in the world where you can design your own engagement ring or wedding band and have it cast in Fairmined certified gold.


Above and beyondTM

Artisanal small-scale gold miners (ASGM) in the developing world only account for 20% of global gold supply, yet contribute over a third of all the toxic mercury pollution on Earth. Carried by winds and currents worldwide, mercury represents one of the most pernicious health challenges the world has ever faced. Half of the gold mined annually is purchased by the jewelry industry, and as leaders in jewelry, Green Lake is supporting the discovery of a safe, effective, scalable and affordable alternative to mercury.

Alongside likeminded industry leaders with researchers in engineering and geosciences, the Mercury Free Mining Challenge is organizing a million-dollar HeroX prize to change the world. As a board member and corporate sponsor for this history-making organization, Green Lake is aiding this bold initiative with proceeds and educational talks aimed at forging a new era of significance, appreciation and profitability in jewelry. Our hope is that our contributions aid in improving the health of the 15 million ASGM in developing countries, and the preserve the 100 million livelihoods that rely on ASGM indirectly.


With the exception of Fairmined Certified gold from small-scale artisanal mines which receive regular independent audits on their social and environmental impact, Green Lake’s use of gold and platinum comes from 100% recycled sources. In 2008, Green Lake became one of the nation’s first adopters of Hoover & Strong’s pioneering Harmony Collection, a range of recycled casting grain certified by SCS Global Services. Today we return all scrap and unused noble metals for refining in a transparent supply chain, and rely on the Earth First recycled casting grain offering from Stuller, also certified by SCS Global services.

With an open workshop where all work is done on site, Green Lake is uniquely positioned to not only create new pieces but also reimagine old ones. Many clients will have their gemstones incorporated into new setting, have old setting restored or even hand old settings melted down to create a new one (when using sentimental gold to make a new ring additional gold is almost always added to fill the flask in casting). Wearing an old piece with sentimental value is improved with the design, fabrication and restoration services Green Lake offers.


Above and beyondTM gems

A majority of all the colored gemstones that Green Lake sells begin as rough sapphire crystals purchased on site from small-scale mines in Montana.

Unlike our peers, we hand-cut most of our sapphires here in our open workshop with our own lapidary artists. Studios also host regular visits from our mining partners in Montana, who lend education on their methods with our clientele directly.

Because we are able to source these sapphires from local, low-impact alluvial mines which operate under strict environmental conditions apart from natural waterways – and we maintain a transparent supply chain with all work completed in-house that ultimately supports our own team and surrounding community – natural Montana sapphires represent the most sustainable gemstone choice we offer.


Above and beyondTM diamonds

Green Lake goes beyond our peers to support and sell conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds. Our mission is to be a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable jeweler and to lead the industry above and beyond old standards.

While we have specialized in Canadian diamonds since the late 1990’s when mines in Canada first opened, we also support and believe in the African diamond industry because of the importance of diamonds to the economy of many African countries.

Botwana and Namibia in particular have healthy economies, improved education and healtcare sytems and have marked improvment in quality of life due to the diamond industry.

Diamonds used in our jewelry are selected on regular visits with the world’s most esteemed sight holders, who supply only natural, ethically sourced, conflict-free gems in adherence to the Kimberly process and more.

Green Lake is committed to going Above and BeyondTM by offering our clientele access to the cutting edge technologies and immutable ledgers that bring necessary transparency to the natural diamond supply chain, working with the the GIA, Everledger, and other blockchain based provenence organizations to be sure our diamonds exceed industry standards.



Above and beyondTM cut

Green Lake sources super ideal cut diamonds directly from the worlds finest diamond cutters in Antwerp, who maintain a craft-oriented approach to diamond cutting and a humanitarian focus on trade. The proprietors also have a long history of service in the Belgian Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs as acknowledged experts in diamond ethics and legal issues. These kinds of partnerships afford Green Lake clients to meet their diamond cutter in regular education talks we host, have diamonds custom-cut, and know precisely from whose hands their sparkling diamonds originate.


Above and beyondTM lab diamonds

Many of our clients are wary of the drain that mining new diamonds places on the environment. Motivated more by ideals than pocketbooks, eco-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking a manufactured, lab-grown options for their diamond. Though the kilowatt-per-carat cost and subsequent carbon dioxide emissions associated with creating gems in a lab isn’t necessarily low, it’s a lot less - than that of traditionally mined gems.


Just like a growing a plant, engineered diamonds start out as a small ‘seed’ of pure carbon. Various processes shorten the crystal development from eons to just weeks. These rough gems are then sent to master diamond cutters just as if they were excavated from the earth, and cut to achieve the best clarity and carat weight possible. While especially consistent in quality, grown diamonds also demonstrate the same unique and one-of-a-kind characteristics found in mined, naturally occurring diamonds.


Above and beyondTM production

Every piece of jewelry Green Lake creates is entirely made in our Seattle-area workshops. Concepts are sketched, ideas brought to life in 3D CAD renderings, models hand-carved, metals cast and all settings completed here locally.

Unlike most jewelry retailers both online and brick-and-mortar, who farm out production to other parts of the country or even far across the globe, Green Lake sees great value in developing and maintain skills and production in-house.

Making spectacular jewelry, that is priced right and done right every time requires close collaboration between designers, CAD modelers and bench jewelers.

What’s more, we recognize that we can only continue offering the level of quality for which we are known if we invest in the kind of skill-sharing and close collaboration working under one roof affords.


Above and beyondTM community

As a community of artists, Green Lake views engaging in activities and opportunities for local youth as a critical means to contribute to the vibrant and diverse community around us. Most importantly, kids who thrive in supported environments have the chance to nurture their own creativity and passions too.

Green Lake hosts annual drives for Treehouse and fund raisers for the Boys and Girls Club.