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Green Lake Jewelry Works is America’s leading custom jewelry store, where artists design and create hundreds of tailor made pieces every month right here in the Seattle studio. We specialize in unique engagement rings, custom wedding bands, and other one of a kind jewelry.
In 2012, Green Lake was named the ‘Coolest Store in America’ by INSTORE magazine.

Artists at Work...

‘Artists at Work’ about explains it all: The Green Lake team is comprised of designers, carvers, metalsmiths and engravers. Drawing on a diverse mix of talents and expertise, the Green Lake workshop crafts every piece from start to finish, right here in the Seattle studio.

Diverse Talents

Green Lake’s artists come to Seattle from across the country and around the world with formal training in gemology, jewelry making, metal sculpture, or industrial design. The opportunity to work on something new and challenging every day remains as an enormous draw for some of the most talented individuals in the industry.

Continuous Improvement

Many on our team were recruited directly from art school and train within various disciplines here in the workshop. By apprenticing under master craftsmen, each of our team gain a balanced understanding of old world techniques as well as state of the art approaches.

Artists, Not Salespeople

At Green Lake Jewelry Works, we don’t just sell rings; we make them. In fact, when our entire job is to help you discover exactly what you want and then go make it for you, there’s really no need salesmanship. Our aim is to create, not coerce. We want to inspire, not influence.

We Read Minds...

From innovative jewelry designers fresh out of great design schools to bench artists with decades of experience, we are passionate about great design...
Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience at designing and making fine jewelry, and it shows in our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We love jewelry and enjoy spending time designing new and unusual pieces. We show photos of thousands of pieces that we've made in our portfolio online. We also have many examples of our quality, handcrafted original design jewelry in stock.

We design with you by looking through your favorite ideas and any images you send us...We move on to sketching ideas and we usually create photo-realistic CAD renderings to help you visualize your new piece, and we strive to make each design unique just like you! Try out your ideas on us, it's fun!
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Simple, Artful & Fun

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(Green Lake artists having fun at what they do.)


From thousands of searchable and original ring designs to all the ways Green Lake approaches fine jewelry differently, we strive to make the custom ring experience as uncomplicated as possible.


Green Lake is home to artists, not salespeople. We care deeply for the craft of jewelry making, for the subtle nuances in superior quality, and the fine details of precious material. Artists are just not satisfied with ‘good enough.’


We make getting a unique engagement ring fun! After all, rings are something intended to last a lifetime. That’s why we work very hard to ensure your design experience is fun and stress free.

Unique & Original Designs...

Unique Engagement Rings

We specialize in unique, one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands.

Original Designs

New designs are created here every day – that’s how we maintain the largest and most diverse portfolios of custom jewelry in the country.

Exclusive Styles

While most jewelers carry pieces ordered from a wholesale catalogue or outsource their ‘custom’ fabrication, Green Lake starts from scratch. Everything we sell is handcrafted right here in our Seattle studio. When rings are made at the jeweler’s bench, instead of on the production line, they are imbued with exclusivity and distinguished with personality.

Integrity & Respect

We don’t copy other designer’s work (as a matter of fact, we rarely even copies our own designs).

Real Jewelry vs Computer Renderings...

cad jewelry
Many sites will display a lot clean and tidy computer generated images of rings on pristine white backgrounds, but where are the photos of what you’re actually going to get? How do you know the craftsmanship will satisfy the flawlessness captured in a rendering? That’s why Green Lake prefers real images to represent each the thousands of pieces we make, so you can rest assured what you see on our site is exactly what you’ll get.

A Note on CAD Renderings

This preference for real photos over computer generated images to advertise our rings may seem odd coming for a company renowned for its pioneering use of CAD/CAM technologies within jewelry. With a cutting-edge CAD team in our Seattle studio, Green Lake’s artists regularly win national awards for their skill and innovative design solutions. Make no mistake, we are CAD aficionados, and renderings play a big part in developing a one of a kind ring for our clients. However, we believe you’re entitled to see more than what a ring ‘could’ be – we want to show you how beautiful they already are!

A Few Words About Price, Quality & Doing Good...

quality work


A custom made, one of a kind ring typically costs more than a mass produced ring. Yet again, you may find that having a ring a handcrafted just for you could actually cost less than a similar ‘catalogue’ or brand name item. Whatever your relative comparison, realize the key determining factor in pricing a Green Lake ring is its quality alone. Knowing this, we’re confident you’ll choose us to make your ring.

quality work

How can we do this?

Be it custom made or mass produced, most fine jewelry nowadays is designed in one place, cast in another, then sent to a 3rd or even 4th location to be set and finished. That’s a lot of middlemen! Even if produced cheaply on a massive scale, the end jewelry store or online merchant is compelled to mark them up just to pay everyone in between and hopefully make a profit. With all our work completed right here in the Seattle studio, we don’t have to play this game. We’re able to accurately quote what it will cost to make a given piece without having to inflate its price.
polishing wheels

Doing Good

"When Love and skill work together expect a masterpiece." - John Ruskin
There are no shortcuts to quality workmanship, no easy way to make something last a lifetime. Many jewelers can claim to be bigger, cheaper, or more ‘branded,’ but assuredly few can make good on our promise of quality. Here’s how we do it:

We only make genuine pieces

Our rings are cast in house of solid noble metals; we don’t plate cheap materials with razor thin layers of gold or rhodium and pass it off to our clients as something of superior value. These gimmicks are short lived, and while it could help us make a buck in the short term, the plating will eventually wear off – as will the trust our clients place in us. Instead, we employ smarter alloys to make solid gold and platinum jewelry to look as good on your 50th wedding anniversary as it did the day you bought it.

We make each piece from scratch, not just finish them

For many jewelers who have their rings casted elsewhere, simply polishing up a rough piece constitutes their ‘custom’ offering. Our artists get started with a ring from the sketch and follow the piece all the way to delivery – they wouldn’t dream of having someone else start or finish a piece with their name on it. The fact is, it’s increasingly rare to interact with a jeweler like Green Lake. The old world skills of hand forged filigree or hand engraving are increasingly replaced by more efficient modern techniques, yet remain matchless in appearance. Our Seattle Studio, however, continues to uphold master in these techniques – there are several amazingly talented hand engravers in the workshop alone!

We work together as a team

Each of our rings are the product of not one, but many artists all working together. As client in our Seattle studio or working with us online from afar, our process is very transparent. Customers will interact with designers, CAD modelers, wax carvers, and bench artists before their ring is realized. Working with artists and craftsmen directly is the best way we can ensure the absolute best quality.

Ask a Friend...

(Green Lake custom engagement ring couple Ryan + Jess)
Many learn of Green Lake from a friend, and really who better to trust? Even if you’re not a local client here in Seattle, you can easily find recommendations from other satisfied customers from the engagement stories we share on our own blog to the honest reviews folks share on other sites.

Knowing we’ve done a good job is a big source of pride for us in the workshop, hence our ever changing board of ‘thank you’ notes! While we can’t share these, there plenty of kind words on our Friends & Fans page.

Years of Experience...

original green lake jewelry works
It was in a tiny wedge of retail space along Seattle’s Green Lake Drive where the store originally opened in 1996. Founded by veteran jeweler and metalmith Jim Tuttle and his wife Jytte, Green Lake Jewelry Works started out with just Jim at the bench. He worked directly with clients who came in, playing the role of designer, wax carver, and jeweler all in one. As more artists joined the shop, they too moved between the bench and display case to meet with customers. Here, the artists are in the forefront.

jim painting
Green Lake isn’t a typical jewelry store. We don’t just sell things, we make them. There’s no sterile florescent lighting, hovering salespeople, or repairmen hidden in the back; instead, designers, jewelers, and craftsmen work with custom ring clients directly, from start to finish just as Jim Tuttle did. Except now, there are nearly 50 artists at Green Lake, each bringing with them their own experience, insight, and skill. Added up, that’s over 400 years of combined experience in crafting fine jewelry – all in the same open workshop! There’s virtually nothing we can’t do.

Green Lake Jewelry Works approaches the sale of a ring with artistry, experience, and consideration of what’s best for our clients. It’s way year after year, Seattle Bride recognizes our studio for the best wedding and engagement rings, INSTORE Magazine named us as the Coolest Store in America 2012, and our customers recommend us to their family and friends when it comes time to pop the big question.

“Real custom jewelry design is about working with people every day to create great new styles, tailored to each individual.

Design alone is too easy. The interaction between an artist and their client creates synergy and challenge that helps us create new and innovative designs. I am delighted to see our work bettered by this kind of interplay.”

-Jim Tuttle / President & Founder, Green Lake Jewelry Work

Modern Tools & Techniques...

Green Lake Jewelry Works maintains a state of the art workshop and continues as a leader in the application of CAD/CAM technology in jewelry making. With mechanical precision, the path toward perfection is made clear.

Microscopic Perfection

Each of our stone setters, hand engravers and filigree artists have a personal bench microscope for the finest detailed work.

Casting Perfection

Green Lake utilizes one of the finest casting machines made - the Galloni Fusus HD. This high power machine melts the metal electrically, under partial vacuum and an inert argon cover gas to protect against oxidation and microporosity. This means it creates amazingly dense, detailed castings.
At the time of installation, Green Lake was the second shop in America (after Tiffany & Co.) own this state of the art machine.
jewelry studio

CAD perfection

Although the mind and hand of an artist create each new design, modern techniques help perfect the manufacturing of fine jewelry. We use the world's finest jewelry CAD/CAM systems (Gemvision's Matrix and Revo Milling machines) to create perfect symmetry in our master wax models. Following the machine work, we carefully hand detail each wax before client approval and casting.

Growing Perfection

Our Envisiontec Perfactory 3-D growing machine grows castable resin models with internal details that wax models cannot match. This technology allows us to virtually cut apart our models and cast in multiple pieces for better detail, allowing for perfect cleanup of difficult to reach areas.

Perfected by Hand

We combine these modern tools with the time tested techniques of hand crafting fine jewelry one piece at a time. From hand forged fine wire filigree details to hand engraved patterns we use all the best of modern and traditional jewelry making techniques.