Why to work with a designer.

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Getting a custom design right the first time can be tricky.

We create new, original designs every day for people all over the U.S. and beyond. Our designers specialize in knowing what's possible and suggesting innovative customization options.

You may be unsure of how to estimate the cost of a custom design.

We do a LOT of custom... It's our focus and our passion. To do this, we have to find a way to make each design fit the proposed budget. Check our reviews, we are very proud that over 85% of our clients are referrals.

Weekly Designer Spotlight

Erich M
Bellevue Studio
GIA AJP Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
Erich is a freelance illustrator and exhibiting painter who started out as an expatriate living in the heart of Austria, before moving to the United States. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the United States, Europe, and Australia. In 2011, he began pursuing a career in fine jewelry, beginning with an AJP certification from the Gemological Institute of America.

Ben M
Senior Designer
Bellevue Studio
DCA Diamontologist Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
Benjamin has an international background that includes a degree in Japanese Studies, certification in Interior Design and Diamontology. He started out in the design industry by way of interior design in Toronto, then luxury furniture sales in London, and then transitioned into custom fine jewelry when he moved to Seattle in 2010. His history of painting and illustration further helps his clients to visualize ideas throughout the design process, all the while using the principles of form and function to create amazing pieces for every style and purpose. Not merely a ring, he believes in the sacred power that a one-of-a-kind design uses to help express and channel the wearer's intentions. In this sense, he truly enjoys listening to and learning about the questions, concerns, and desires that each client brings. Particularly detail-oriented when it comes to a diamond education, he can be used as an excellent resource to ensure beauty and value when it comes to your engagement diamond.

Chelsea K
Senior Designer
Diamond Graduate AJP GIA Available for Virtual Consultations
Chelsea was raised in a creative atmosphere in Southern California. She inherited her passion for fine art from her dad who makes surrealist paintings and sculptures, while she attributes her love of fashion to growing up listening to the hum of her mom's sewing machine and watching her rapidly sketch elongated fashion figures. Jewelry as wearable art seemed to her the perfect combination of her interests. She earned her bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising from California State University Long Beach and her Graduate Diamonds and AJP credentials from the Gemological Institute of America. Chelsea worked for five years at Mark Schneider Design where she advanced from apprentice to Design Director. There she designed for the engagement ring and color gemstone jewelry collections, competitions, and custom requests. She has won three design awards: First Place Custom Distinction in the MJSA Vision Awards, a commendation and a First Place in the CPAA International Pearl Design Competition.

Senior Designer
Bellevue Studio
Parsons School of Design Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
An award winning illustrator (Society of illustrators, American Illustration), Lena is an experienced designer with strong digital and hand illustration skills, and years of practical experience applying her skills to custom jewelry design. Intricate, beautiful, detailed, and delicate—those are the words to describe her artful designs. Inspired by artists from different times and places, she knows how to bring a certain feel to a project whether jewelry design or painting.

Design Group Training & Development Director
Senior Designer | Seattle Studio Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
GIA Graduate Gemologist, GIA AJP. Sophia combines a flair for artistic design and technical expertise in jewelry creation, as well as client vision and taste to produce stunningly beautiful, unique pieces that will light up the room. Sophia has examined and sourced thousands of gemstones, and her experience can both articulate exactly what clients are looking for in a gemstone as well as assess qualities often missed by the naked eye. Throughout her studies in fine arts and metalsmithing at the University of Washington, she developed creative and professional skills that make her an invaluable asset to Green Lake—and a trusted designer to our clients. Sophia is a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Sophia is Green Lake's most prolific designer with over 2000 completed custom pieces and literally hundreds of named 5 star reviews from these satisfied clients.

Vinh K
Senior Designer
Seattle Studio
Diamond Specialist Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
A graduate of the University of Houston with a career in finance, Vinh eventually found the kind of services he tailored within banking didn’t provide for the same creative thrill he discovered in designing tattoos for friends – and eventually in one-of-a-kind jewelry. He left a world of analytics in pursuit of artistry, finding at Green Lake an opportunity to create personal pieces that will be with his clients for a lifetime. He brings to his work a critical eye and keen ability to adapt to individual preferences, providing for stunning objects reflective of their owner’s unique style.

Brant K
Gem Dept. Director
Gemstone Buyer
Designer | Either Studio by appointment Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
As Green Lake’s lead GIA trained diamond buyer, Brant personally seeks out the finest gemstones at the best value for our custom jewelry clients. With over 35 years of experience in jewelry retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, the expertise he brings to the custom design process is immense – and the credibility he lends is sincere. One of the nicest people you'll ever meet, Brant is loved by all his clients as much for his warm heart as his discriminating eye for fine gemstones.

Britt G
CAD Modeler
BFA Jewelry Design | Metalsmithing

Brooke C
Bellevue Studio
Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
Brooke’s professional career actually began in Germany, where she worked as a graphic designer for the Air Force. Eventually she returned to America and relocated to her native state of Georgia. She was hired at a Mom & Pop jewelry store in Atlanta where she learned the ins and outs of the fine jewelry business. Due to her knowledge gained and immense natural talent, she was recruited by a shop in Savannah where she grew in ranks to become sales manager. Thereafter, Brooke found herself working in big-box chains and has continued her jewelry education by completing courses through DCA and The Gemological Institute of America.

Christine D
Seattle Studio
Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
Christine has been with Green Lake Jewelry Works for over seven years helping guide clients through the ins-and-outs of our custom design process. Christine’s natural rapport with clients makes the experience fun and approachable for anyone new to the world of jewelry. With a passion for collaborative theater, singing, and the art of storytelling, she understands how a custom jewelry design is a perfect match for those passionate about the arts and those with a story to tell. A unique design can not only encapsulate your own personal journey, the entire design process can marry a couple’s creativity in an exciting new way.

Ellen L
Seattle Studio
BFA Cornish College of the Arts Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
One of the few locals, Ellen grew up right here in Washington. Her artistically enriched childhood was spent surrounded by the natural inspiration of the mountains and water. With constant inspiration around her, it was easy to choose a career in an artistic field. In 2017, Ellen graduated from Cornish College of the Arts, where she received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. A lifetime of educational experiences has allowed her to work in a wide variety of mediums. From creating a 3D model of DNA out of stained glass, to designing an app to navigate Seattle's traffic, she has worked hard to build a breadth of knowledge from which to draw from when designing.

Michelle L
Seattle Studio
CAD Modeler | Avail. for Virtual Consults GIA Graduate Gemologist
As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Design and Technology scholarship recipient, Michelle knows what she’s talking about. After years of serving as a diamond grader for the nation’s foremost laboratory at GIA Carlsbad, she sought a return to her creative roots as an artist with metal clay and jewelry, returning to school once again for technical proficiency in CAD. As a designer at Green Lake, Michelle reverse engineers and breaks down big ideas, marrying different elements to create entirely new pieces.

Rebecca P
Senior Designer
Seattle Studio
BFA Jewelry Design | Metalsmithing RISD Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
Rebecca marries her passion for precious metals and gemstones with the fast pace of creating unique and different ideas, all while working within a team of master craftsman on behalf of her clients. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design, Rebecca spent her early years working with various high-end fine jewelers in Boston. Later, Rebeccca moved to New York City, where she spent a decade designing fashion jewelry for several global brands. With the technical knowledge necessary to design structurally sound pieces and a fashion background in translating drawings into beautiful jewelry, Rebecca can rapidly troubleshoot and create alternate ideas with excellence in communicating a vision.

Sophie M
Seattle Studio
Bachelor of Arts, Art History Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
With her background in Art History, Sophie brings a wealth of artistic knowledge and storied motifs to each of her custom designs and the creative process with her clients. Beyond her knowledge of understanding visual culture and art, Sophie trained at Western Washington University to manage museum collections, records of works, and art preservation.

Susie S
Bachelor of Arts, Ceramics | DCA Diamontologist Available for in-studio and virtual consultations

Pia G
Merchandising Director
Non-Bridal Buyer Available for in-studio and virtual consultations
A distinguished designer, Pia comes to Green Lake by way of Italy, the United Kingdom and New York – where she’s been creating, purchasing, and purveying fine jewelry for nearly twenty years. Having formally studied jewelry and production in Torino and modern techniques in 3D design at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Pia brings both artistry and acumen to the custom ring experience. From big projects (like managing an international collection and developing brands reached by millions) to more personal assignments (like designing a new heirloom with her clients), Pia approaches each new challenge with enthusiasm and a deep understanding of her craft.

CAD/CAM Director
Senior Designer | Seattle Studio MFA Jewelry and Metal Arts
Inae sees the creative process of making custom jewelry like a puzzle that needs solving; piece by piece, through sharing ideas and perspectives, she gets closer to the perfect ring a client is after. From modern sleek to ornate antique, Inae takes great pleasure and pride in bringing someone’s ideas to life. With over ten years as a jewelry designer and with her Masters of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metal Arts, her experience and acumen are key resources to clients, both in-store and online. Much of Inae’s recent focus in jewelry is toward creating pieces in photo realistic 3D CAD environments, adding another unique approach to solving those custom jewelry puzzles. Available for in-studio and virtual consultations by appointment only.