Jewelry Styles & Collections

How we define style

Styles and Collections
  • Overall look
    (Classic, Vintage, Rustic, Modern, etc.)
  • Historical periods
    (Art Deco, Victorian, Art Nouveau, etc.)
  • Patterns or motifs
    (Celtic, Floral, Geometric, etc.)
  • Ring type
    (Halo, Solitaire, 3-stone, Band, etc.)
  • Structural elements
    (Cathedral, Curved taper, Freeform shank, etc.)

We use style by itself to refer to the overall look created by the key decorative elements.

Classic - vintage styles contain more traditional elements, such as micro-pave, filigree and hand engraving.

Casual - rustic and modern - abstract styles tend to have more contemporary elements such as matte or textured finishes, flush or channel set accent gems, or simply less ornamentation and cleaner lines.

Ring type refers to the basic layout, like Halo, Solitaire or 3-stone, as well as the structure, like low band, cathedral, tapered, or free form.

Most patterns & motifs can be used anywhere, in most decorative styles, ring types or with almost any ring structure.

For example we’ve made rings where the entire body of the ring was a Celtic knot, a dragon or a bumblebee. However, we've also made classic style rings with subtle, sometimes hidden versions of these motifs, using hand engraving, tiny cast elements, or filigree.

Finding your style

Hand and ring

We have 3 style ranges: Choose from traditional, Classic to Vintage, or one of the more contemporary groups, Modern to Abstract, or Casual to Rustic.

Hone in on what tells your story by adding a motif that means something special to you; from flowers & curls to Celtic patterns or your favorite mountain range. Then leave it to us, we'll help you design the ring of your dreams, whether halo, solitaire or band in just the right style for you.

Popular Collections

Contemporary & Minimalist

contemporary ring

Contemporary jewelry diverges away from the gratuitous ornament associated with estate pieces and focuses instead on framing the natural beauty of gems with clean design and modern shapes. There are no rules to abide by with contemporary design, the options are limitless.

Contemporary Styles

Flowers, Vines & Curls

organic ring

With all of the wild curls and whimsical turns nature surrounds us with, organic style rings pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Be it waves, vines, leaves, or clouds, interpreting the natural world with metal is very much an area of distinction for Green Lake Jewelry Works. See our expansive collection of organic & Curvy styles for inspiration!

Floral Designs

Curves & Curls

Nature, Mountains & Scenery

natural ring

If you’ve climbed to high peaks or experienced a deep connection with nature, your ring maybe the perfect place to commemorate it. Whether it’s a specific mountain range, a sentimental flower, or homage to the sea, Green Lake’s artists are uniquely capable to capture it perfectly in a piece to last the ages.

Mountain Collection

Nature Inspirations

Scenic Styles

RingHammer Collection

rustic ring

This collection features a range of rustic textures & finishes, as well as rough & rose cut gemstones to achieve a very rustic, down-to-earth aesthetic. With precious materials appearing closer to their natural state, RingHammer defies traditional notions about ‘perfection’ yet maintains a terribly chic appeal all the same.

RingHammer Collection

Abstract & Unconventional

abstract ring

Abstract rings seek to re-imagine what a wedding ring should look like and how it should feel. Green Lake crafts many abstract rings unlike anything available from a traditional jeweler – metals in colors never seen, rings that move, and elements never thought possible to incorporate.

Unconventional Rings

Jewelry Historical Periods

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian (pre 1915)

Antique or Vintage Style ring

Traditional design elements from 100+ years ago such as micropave accent setting, pierced designs, milgrain edges, hand engraving, and delicately forged filigree went out of favor and were lightly used in the second half of the 20th century.

In the late 1990's, with the help of a few amazing artists, the jewelers at Green Lake Jewelry Works mastered many classic techniques and began creating new styles with the look and feel of the finest vintage and antique jewelry.

The traditional jewelry periods we draw most inspiration from include Georgian, (~1714-1830), Victorian, (~1837-1900) known for the use of elaborate motifs, open filigree and delicate engraving and Edwardian, (~1900-1915) which tended towards more extravagant use of embellishments, featuring more diamond centers and a liberal use of height on the finger.

For example, with the larger gallery on an Edwardian style ring, the front view can be personalized with subtle details.

Motifs from subsequent periods, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and Mid-Century are often mixed with these to create vintage style designs that feel personal and unique.

Vintage and Antique Styles

Art Nouveau (1895-1915)

art-nouveau ring

Art Nouveau expresses the natural world with romanticized forms, undulating curves, and a ‘whip’ like line style. From flowers and birds to mythical beings, an Art Nouveau piece freezes a moment in time. When creating a piece in this vein, elements of hand forged filigree is almost a must.

Art Nouveau Collection

Art Deco (1920~1930)

art-deco ring

Art Deco style jewelry is recognized for its use of bold symmetry and geometric patterning. Thematic inspiration drew from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The sharp lines, division of space, and use of large gemstones within many pieces of this genre inspire recreations that are almost architectural in nature.

Art Deco Collection

Retro, Post-war and Mid-century (1930~1990 and beyond)

After the roaring 20's, simpler styles became popular, followed by designs with lots of diamonds, and the avant-garde styles of the 50's and 60's.

Sadly, there is also a 'dead zone' of mass produced jewelry that is nearly devoid of any coherent style, beginning in about 1970, much of which continues to be sold to this day.