Grown Diamonds

Recent advancements in gem growing technologies have enabled a few specialized facilities around the world to literally ‘grow’ gem quality diamonds from pure carbon. Under a controlled environment the carbon is formed into diamond crystals that are precision cut and polished just as a diamond mined from the earth would be. These are actual diamonds that are virtually indistinguishable from their mined equivalent, even to gemological grading agencies.

Green Lake Jewelry Works is proud to offer our own Grown Diamonds collection.


Lab grown diamonds are beautiful!

Because grown diamonds cost less than mined diamonds, custom engagement ring clients can own a bigger, better, more beautiful diamond that’s even brighter all within the same budget. Also, because lab diamonds are chemically and structurally identical to naturally occuring diamonds, they last as long and are just as durable as mined diamonds.


Many eco-conscious consumers seek out lab grown diamonds to minimize the drain diamond mining places on the environment. With our engineered lab grown diamonds, there’s no blasting, excavating or dangerous labor required. As a bonus, creating lab grown diamonds is a less expensive process than finding and excavating mined diamonds.

This makes a Green Lake Grown Diamond a bigger, better gem for the same money.


Just like growing a plant, our engineered diamonds start out as a small ‘seed’ of pure carbon. Proprietary processes shorten the crystal development from eons to just weeks. These rough gems are then sent to master diamond cutters where they are cut just as those excavated from the earth, to achieve the best clarity and carat weight possible. While grown diamonds are especially consistent in quality, they also have unique characteristics similar to those found in naturally occurring diamonds.