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How to find the perfect design to customize

Pro Tip | Save Your Favorites

Once you favorite a few designs with elements you absolutely love you have three choices:
  • Customize an in-stock ring.
    Fastest delivery | Best price.
  • Have a design custom made.
    Unlimited options | Personalized | Great Value.
  • Design your own from scratch.
    Work with the best designers in the business.
Even if designing from scratch, Fav's help you show us details you like for your piece.

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Where to begin | Start a Design Page

Your Design Page is the easiest place to organize your ideas, save designs, gemstones and notes, and consult with our designers to create your perfect ring.

There’s no obligation, it's free, and you can talk to a designer anytime you’re ready!

Best of 2019 | 20 examples of original custom deigns

Take a look at some examples that show how original custom designs are created.

Every year at Green Lake Jewelry Works brings new milestones, new stories, and new artistic achievements. Here are a few of our most memorable designs from 2019.

We want to thank the owners of these rings for encouraging us to share these to help you see what is possible.

Custom Options


The Finer Points

Custom options depend on whether you start from scratch or Customize a Green Lake design.

Learn about the key
Design Elements that drive our design process.

Save notes with your Favorites, like what you like from each angle or elements you don't like.
Try it: Top View | Front View | Side View

Find the perfect starting point?
Click 'Customize This' and one of our designers will help you create an original.

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Gemstone setting styles

In addition to serving as the focal point of your ring, settings are intended to secure your gemstone for a lifetime of confident wear. A unique setting style can change the look of a ring entirely: A simple four-prong mounting can keep a ring dainty, a full bezel halo of diamonds may enliven the center stone, or a wrap setting can lend a sense of motion a piece.

Whatever setting type you choose, Green Lake designers ensure it will be secure and beautiful, integrated into the design, & never just a head "tacked onto" a blank mounting.

As with so many elements of designing your ring with Green Lake, your options abound. Discover a setting style you love in our Design Elements section.

The Shank is the foundation of your Ring

Your finger isn’t perfectly round, so why should your ring be? If you’re wondering why most rings are round when fingers aren't, it’s because round rings are easier to mass produce and resize to fit anyone.

Green Lake is able to make rings fitted perfectly to you. Many of our most popular ring designs are softly squared off at the bottom, in what is commonly referred to as ‘Euro-shank.’ These comfortably form to the natural shape of the finger and don’t turn as much as round rings, especially with taller settings.

Find perfect ring for you in the Design Elements section.

Patterns & Motifs

From knotted Celtic patterns to ornate leaf and vine motifs, we have thousands of designs in our online portfolio to choose from. Remember, heavily carved patterns are incorporated into the rings model from the very beginning whereas hand engraved details can be added to any finished piece – which one is right for you?

Peruse our online portfolio at your own pace and save a few favorites or upload your own ideas to discuss with your designer.

Selecting the right Metal

We cast & fabricate all of our pieces right here in the Seattle workshop, from platinum & palladium to every color of gold.
Our white gold is a proprietary alloy guaranteed to be crisper and whiter than any other white gold available. As a matter of fact, it's so white it doesn't need rhodium plating, which wears off and is often done to hide the yellowish tone of traditional white gold alloys.

While platinum is every master jewelers' first choice, the metal you select for your custom piece is reflective of your personal taste, budget and how the piece will be worn.

Don’t know which noble metal is the best for your ring? Just Ask a Designer or learn about different metals in our Design Elements section.

Personalizing with Accent Gems

Any of our designs, even in stock pieces, can usually be customized with accent gems. Just send a note to your designer.

We specialize in unique accent setting styles, from the timeless classics, to unique variations created for individual designs.

Hand Made Filigree & Hand Forged details

Fine wire filigree was nearly a lost art until Green Lake & a few other shops around the country brought it back to popularity over a decade ago.
Most "filigree work" in mass produced today jewelry is actually cast in place, not hand made. Cast filigree looks thicker and less detailed; you can't achieve the delicate perfection of hand made filigree wire work by casting.

"When Love and skill work together expect a masterpiece."
- John Ruskin

Take no Shortcuts | Going above and Beyond®

There are no shortcuts to quality workmanship... Compare the details; Many shops no longer even do hand forged work like we offer. Almost all of our bench artists do hand made filigree & forged wire work.
Jewelry stores and websites that don't do their own custom work in house cannnot possibly do the finest work. Our designers, CAD modelers, wax carvers & bench artists can collaborate, trouble shoot and do great work because they all work within feet of each other. Now you can work with world class jewelry artists directly!

Ask other jewelers & custom jewelry websites where there work is done & ask to see some finished pieces... up close.
You'll see the difference that fine hand made detailing makes.
At Green Lake, our craftmen and women work under 10x Microscopes, & each piece is finished out wonderfully. You will see that custom, made to order jewelry at Green Lake is simply more beautiful and well made than mass produced or even "custom made" pieces from almost anyone else.

Finishes & Textures

Whether it’s an in stock piece or a "made from scratch" custom design, surface textures offers a variety of options.

From clean mirror polishes to rustic bark-like surfaces, the right finish can make any piece unique. Learn about the range of finishes and which one is perfect for you in our Design Elements section.

From Design to Creation

Jewelers Tools
Great design without great execution is pointless. We do all of our manufacturing in house in order to make certain your piece is a timeless heirloom.

Working under microscopes, with the best tools & techniques is the only way to make each new piece come to life. From high tech 3D Growing machines, to time tested hand engraving and hand fabrication, we do each step right.