Artist at work...

Brant K
Gemstone Director
Gemstone Buyer

As Green Lake’s exclusive GIA trained diamond buyer, Brant personally seeks out the finest gemstones at the best value for our custom jewelry clients. With over 35 years of experience in jewelry retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, the expertise he brings to the custom design process is immense – and the credibility he lends is sincere.

Brant is a Pacific Northwesterner at heart. A self-described ‘rock hound,’ his boyhood pastime of collecting fossils has translated into a grown-up profession of looking the world over for gemstones. He is an avid mountain biker, rambling from Whistler to Moab. And like any self-respecting Seattlelite, his go-to dinner preference is sushi.

After many years at Seattle’s EE Robbins, buying direct from Hong Kong to Israel, Brant joined Green Lake, where he just recently returned from a direct purchase in New York. In addition to assembling the largest collection of diamonds in our history, Brant is also working with a renowned diamond cutter to develop a gemstone with a unique number of facets just for Green Lake!