Artist at work...

Elaine S
Gemstone Buyer | Seattle Studio
Diamond and Color Gem Specialist

As a diamond and gemstone buyer for Green Lake, Elaine pays critical attention to the tiny details that separate the extraordinary from just the ordinary. Elaine has run the gamut of fine jewelry – from sales and merchandising to buying direct – offering nearly 15 years of experience.
After having managed for jewelry retailers like EE Robbins and Bailey, Banks & Biddle, her repertoire in the workshop has expanded to include the sourcing and calculating of precious materials that go into each handmade piece.

Elaine is what you might call a ‘rock hound,’ starting her rock collection out as a little kid and passing her sense of curiosity to her daughter, who now has a collection too. Her ultimate dream would be to work with historical jewelry in a large auction house or museum, handling the big stuff.

Claiming she’s yet to meet a spreadsheet she didn’t like - or a project that couldn’t use a nice spreadsheet – Elaine puts her attention to detail on making pieces today, that could one day make history.