Artist at work...

Ben M
Senior Designer
DCA Diamontologist

Benjamin has an international background that includes a degree in Japanese Studies, certification in Interior Design and Diamontology. He started out in the design industry by way of interior design in Toronto and then luxury furniture sales in London, and then transitioned into custom fine jewelry when he moved to Seattle in 2010. His history of painting and illustration further helps his clients to visualize ideas throughout the design process, all the while using the principles of form and function to create amazing pieces for every style and purpose. Not merely a ring, he believes in the sacred power that a one-of-a-kind design uses to help express and channel the wearer's intentions. In this sense, he truly enjoys listening to and learning about the questions, concerns, and desires that each client brings. Particularly detail-oriented when it comes to a diamond education, he can be used as an excellent resource to ensure beauty and value when it comes to your engagement diamond.

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