Ashlen J
Senior Designer
DCA Graduate Gemologist

A lifelong artist, Ashlen is self-taught designer who began her career in jewelry in 2006. Since then, Ashlen has earned multiple certifications within the industry, including Diamontologist & Gemologist certifications from the Diamond Council of America as well as being an Accredited Jewelry Professional from the Gemological Institute of America. With several shows throughout the Seattle area, in mediums ranging from acrylic to watercolor, Ashlen brings her creative passion to wearable works that represent the most exciting times in someone's life, incorporating special details that are specific and meaningful to them. Her own style gravitates toward organic movement and elements of nature; she’s fascinated with history, mythology and lore, seeking to incorporate these inspirations into her work whenever possible.

Born and raised in Seattle, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest serves as a major design influence for Ashlen. In her free time, she enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

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