Design Group Director
Senior Designer
Founding Artist

For Krista, Green Lake Jewelry Works is literally a family business. From humble beginnings working alongside her father in a 300 square-foot wedge of retail space along Green Lake Drive, she’s spent the past 15 years helping customers design one-of-a-kind pieces, apprenticing as a goldsmith at the bench, sourcing precious gemstones, and managing the overall production of custom jewelry.

Krista presently works with Green Lake’s growing community of customers, where collaborative design and a diverse exchange of ideas foster the creation of jewelry as beautiful as it is personal—for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Krista is an artist at heart, yet as a graduate of sociology from the University of Washington she also has an equal passion for people. Krista finds that pieces like the ones Green Lake creates are less about the shapes, metals, or gem stones that make up a ring and more about the sum of those parts and what they mean for the people who create them. The jewelry we make for our customers is for them exclusively and therefore must echo their sensibilities. Knowing a client's tastes and taking them from initial sketches to final castings requires a curiosity and appreciation for getting to know others and their personal preferences.

Krista’s design aesthetic at times embraces a more organic and unrefined look reflective of the natural world, but just as often it likes to dress up prettily, undulate and flow, and finish with an immaculate sparkle. No matter what she brings to the table in terms of design, her clients are the ones who really drive the process.

Snapshot of Design, Bench, CAD or Style Favorites of Krista