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Kathy K
Administrative Assistant

Kathy started in jewelry while pursuing her degree in interior design and business, but eventually became so enamored by the mystique, excitement, and many facets that the jewelry industry offered that she made it her career. Since then, Kathy has worked in collectible estate pieces from time periods ranging from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Retro. She’s headed store display for major jewelry store chains, served as a diamond consultant within the world’s largest online jewelers and operated her own trading company, providing exceptionally rare gemstones to industry clients nationwide.

A longtime member of the American Gem Trade Association, the Gemological Institute of America and Diamond Council of America, Kathy appreciates a broad range of mediums and offers the experience and technical acumen needed to guide clients. Her favorite part about what she does? It’s creating a beautiful timeless piece of jewelry that clients can wear and pass down to future generations.

Did you know? Kathy loves collecting fossils and minerals. She has a 50-million-year-old Diplomystus fossil embedded into her custom-built fireplace.

Sample of Kathy K's portfolio | Custom designs, work and favorite projects