Tony R
Gemstone Cutter
Graduate Gemologist

A Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Jewelry Professional, and technician within the Gem Trade Laboratory at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), Tony has been an independent gemologist and appraiser in Seattle for over ten years. He’s considered an expert in his field, grading diamonds and determining value for rare period jewelry. But it’s Tony’s twenty-five years as a skilled lapidary that really transforms the custom experience at Green Lake, offering clients a unique opportunity to have a gemstone hand-cut just for them. Tony pioneered the first ever “Hearts and Arrows” cut for sapphires and at Green Lake specializes in applying premium diamond cut designs to color gemstones, turning natural Montana rough into glimmering works of art.

Did you know?

Tony maintains a life-long interest in plants and horticulture, and had planned on becoming a botanist before entering the gem industry. He also enjoys muscle cars and wearing hand-knit socks, by the way.