Artist at work...

Corey Q
Gold & Platinumsmith
Diamonds Graduate GIA

First apprenticing with under his uncle, an award winning master jeweler in Virginia, Corey learned the basics of how to use a torch, a file and saw, as well as how to set gems. He then served as a bench jeweler at his family jewelry store in Massachusetts while continuing to hone his craft at New Approach School, North Bennet Street School, Metalwerx, and Studio Jewelers. Finally, after completing an intensive stone setting program at the prestigious Le Arti Orafe school of jewelry in in Florence, Italy and earning a Graduate Diamonds Diploma from New York’s Gemological Institute of America, he became a top stone setter for Tiffany & Co and later an especially high-end jeweler in Silicon Valley.

At Green Lake, Corey takes pride in creating pieces with the highest standard for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. He’s passionate about his craft and fully committed to continuous learning and implementing new techniques within the gem and jewelry world.

Did you know? Corey’s interest in gemology is not limited to smaller gem-quality stones. He regularly attends gem and mineral shows, and is a lifelong collector of rough stones and large geodes.