Artist at work...

Lilianne S
Gem Lab Assistant

Having grown up in a household with a mother immersed in the fine jewelry business, Lili began her jewelry education early in life. She also began her Green Lake career fairly early in life. Having visited her mom in the shop since a young age, when Lili officially joined the team as a greeter she meshed right in as though she’d always worked in our studios. Between college classes, where she is advancing towards her B.S. in Business Administration, Lili has transitioned roles from greeter to photographer's assistant and now to her current role of gem lab assistant. Her cross-department knowledge is a massive advantage to us!

Lili’s main inspiration comes from the people in her life. She lives with musicians who are always encouraging her to get in touch with her creative side, which she often does by dabbling in various mediums including drawing, sewing, and interior design. In addition to her art, she enjoys experiences that enrich her mind, body, and soul, such as dance classes and exploring local markets where she finds new and interesting produce to use in her next culinary creation. When she’s ready to relax, you’ll find Lili with a hot cup of tea, a good book, and snuggled up with her adorable cat, Clementine.

Keep an eye out for Lili in our Seattle studio on a sunny day, you might catch a glimpse of her colorful full fan mohawk!