Artist at work...

Ciara H
Gold & Platinumsmith

Ciara comes to Green Lake by way of Wicklow Town, Ireland. She moved to Dublin where she met her future husband and achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Model Making and Special Effects for Film. Ciara started her career in Ireland, building props and set miniatures for theater shows. Upon moving to Seattle she was hired to the Art Dept of a Ballard company making museum exhibits. She’s worked on exhibits for The Smithsonian, The Museum of Flight, Beijing’s Children’s Museum, and on nearly every section of the recently remodeled Museum of History and Industry here in Seattle. Beyond Ciara’s impressive resume, she’s also an accomplished artist in many different mediums. Her skills include antique furniture repair, acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting, sculpting, wax/wood carving, and of course, jewelry! Her love of learning drives her to constantly explore new methods and mediums.

As the child of two parents who both studied Zoology, Ciara grew up going on walks in the woods with her family and learning about the different flora and fauna. She’s maintained her love of the outdoors and often spends her free time hiking and cycling. To this day nature and her love of orchids are the main inspirations for her art.