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Brooke C
Designer | Bellevue Studio
Available for in-studio and virtual consultations

Brooke’s professional career actually began in Germany, where she worked as a graphic designer for the Air Force. Eventually she returned to America and relocated to her native state of Georgia. She was hired at a Mom & Pop jewelry store in Atlanta where she learned the ins and outs of the fine jewelry business. Due to her knowledge gained and immense natural talent, she was recruited by a shop in Savannah where she grew in ranks to become sales manager. Thereafter, Brooke found herself working in big-box chains and has continued her jewelry education by completing courses through DCA and The Gemological Institute of America.

For Brooke, selecting a piece of jewelry is a very personal and meaningful experience. "Jewelry is an emotion and I recognize the correlation between the tangible items and the feelings that they evoke." Brooke's B.S. in Psychology might play a part in that belief, but regardless of the reason, she is honored to be involved in the jewelry journey of each of her clients.

A woman of many talents beyond custom jewelry design, Brooke channels her creative energy working in photography and stamping mediums, and also fabricating jewelry wreaths. She’s even become ordained to marry several of her customers. That’s how close they’ve become!

Sample of Brooke C's portfolio | Custom designs, work and favorite projects