Artist at work...

Britt G
CAD Modeler

Growing up in Georgia, Britt always loved the idea of living on the opposite coast. After reading an INSTORE magazine article approximately 5 years ago where Green Lake was named one of the “Coolest Stores in America”, she clicked the follow button on Instagram to our store’s account. As fate would have it, years after developing an admiration for Green Lake’s designs, she’s now an integral part of our CAD team and loving life in the Pacific Northwest!

Britt graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing. Since graduation, she spent the past 10 years in the industry with the last 6 years specifically focused on CAD. As she describes “I love the honor of being trusted with important projects and the teamwork of working with the customer to get exactly what they want. I think the jewelry design process should be fun and not intimidating and I like going into the nerdy details of how the CAD process works if customers want to know!” Britt’s inspiration comes from her customer’s passions. She loves incorporating these into her designs and building unique pieces that specifically fit the wearer.