Artist at work...

Meryt M
Production Associate

Meryt began her creative skills early in life, learning to sew from her seamstress relatives when her legs were just long enough to reach the sewing pedal. Her initial career aspirations included headlining marquees in the Las Vegas spotlight, complete with glittery and dazzling costumes! However, those dreams transitioned into a self-described “full-blown obsession” with the jewelry and gemstone industry. Since, she’s built an incredible background of knowledge working in the design, production, and development departments of the apparel industry at large and small companies, and with costume designers, art jewelers, fine jewelry designers, and boutique private-label jewelry brands. Green Lake is lucky to have her with such an incredibly well-rounded set of skills and knowledge in the aforementioned fields!

Meryt is a bright light of energy and creativity finding inspiration from many sources including nature, astronomy, science fiction, technology, art, fashion, graphic design, photography, travel, adventure/discovery, literature, architecture, history, cinema, poetry, philosophy, introspection, humans and their experiences, music, and dreams. She creates masterpieces in various mediums beyond jewelry and apparel, including paper art, designing/making hats, singing, dancing, and small-scale sculpture and carving creation. In fact, keep an eye out for Meryt at the State fair - her current sewing goal is to design and produce a modern heirloom quilt to be entered!