Artist at work...

Jennifer L
Apprentice Jeweler

Would you believe us if we said that Jennifer chose her metalsmithing career due a 50/50 chance?

It’s true! With two weeks left of her freshman year in undergraduate art school, Jennifer decided to flip a coin to determine which department she was going to spend the rest of her education in. Thankfully the coin flip directed her to metalsmithing, where her love of professionally making art for a living began.

Jennifer has lived a global life transitioning from the US and China multiple times. She was born in the US and then relocated to China at age 10. She attended undergraduate school at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and then moved back to the US for graduate school. Beyond her love of metalsmithing, some other interests of Jennifer’s include window shopping and enjoying the tasty snacks available at the abundance of amazing restaurants in the Seattle area. Jennifer is a true artist at heart and enjoys investing her personal time in various artistic hobbies such as hand drawing, painting illustrations, and sewing. Jennifer has brought immense talent and a passion for learning to the Green Lake team. Needless to say, we are all grateful the coin landed the way it did!