Artist at work...

Josef B
Apprentice Jeweler

A lifelong curiosity sparked Josef’s career choice. As he explains, he has always been interested in jewelry and began researching jewelry classes and apprenticeships after graduating from high school. However, we ultimately have his mom to thank for helping introduce him to the industry and eventually for bringing his talent to Green Lake Jewelry Works. Years ago, in his hometown of Snohomish, Washington, Josef’s mom met a local jeweler and explained her son’s interest and skill in pursuing a career within the industry. Josef apprenticed with that jeweler for four years learning, developing, and perfecting his craft.

Josef approaches each piece with care, dedication, and the ultimate goal of seeing the client’s happy smile when they open up their ring after a cleaning or repair - which he describes as one of his favorite parts of his job. Beyond his jewelry career, Josef coaches high school lacrosse. The team camaraderie he teaches his players translates perfectly to the team atmosphere at Green Lake Jewelry Works. Now with 5+ years in the jewelry industry, a developed skill set, and a determined attitude, we are lucky to have him as part of our team!

Sample of Josef B's portfolio | Custom designs, work and favorite projects