Artist at work...

Yasamin Z
CAD Modeler

Yasamin describes a deep passion for combining creativity and technical skill together to produce breathtaking jewelry pieces. She loves bringing new ideas to life in a virtual environment before they are physically produced. By using cutting-edge software, she’s able to transform these ideas into beautiful and unique jewelry designs. Not only do her professional career and personal passions align, they’ve also awarded her with notoriety in the community. Yasamin has won a silver prize at the International MUSE Design Awards in 2020 and both gold and bronze awards from the 11th International Design Awards (IDA) in 2017. As well, some of her designs and pieces have been featured in international exhibitions and jewelry fashion magazines. Her inspiration for her work stems from some of the joys she experiences outside of the office. She likes hiking, exploring nature, and spending time with her friends. She sees the beauty of the natural world as a constant source of inspiration and that jewelry designing is a way of bringing a piece of that beauty into people’s lives!