Artist at work...

Jack H
Gold & Platinumsmith

Sometimes, a single class has the power to transform your life completely. This was the case for John (Jack), who, in pursuit of an art credit in community college, discovered an introductory metalsmithing course that captured his heart from the very beginning. This newfound passion sparked his professional journey as he pursued formal education in metalsmithing, culminating in the title of a graduate jeweler from the Gemological Institute of America. John's career in the trade commenced at a humble jewelry brand, where he skillfully crafted elegant earrings and necklaces. As he progressed, he transitioned into the realm of mass-produced bridal jewelry. With a diverse range of experiences, spanning from small-scale enterprises to large-volume production, John's expertise found its perfect match at Green Lake Jewelry Works. Here, he can channel his artistic fervor and embrace fresh opportunities for boundless creativity.