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Einar S
Gold & Platinumsmith

Einar is originally a self-taught jeweler, mastering the art of wire-wrapping and later transitioning into fabrication. With a passion for collecting gems and minerals, his fascination with jewelry led him to take his craft and transition it into his career. He graduated from the renowned New Approach School for Jewelers in 2021, where he completed a comprehensive 3-month program focused on honing his skills. Outside of his work as a jeweler, Einar leads a diverse artistic life. He enjoys foraging for herbs, backpacking through nature, and connecting with the outdoors. He is also a talented musician and loves playing the guitar while singing and songwriting. With his unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and love for nature, Einar transforms precious stones and noble metals into timeless works of art, ensuring that each piece he creates becomes a cherished symbol of beauty and sentimentality for its wearer.

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