Artist at work...

Zoe M

Zoe earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University, where her academic journey was marked by a deep dive into the realms of studio and fine art photography, graphic design, communication, and marketing. These academic pursuits served as the bedrock upon which she built her versatile professional career. With expertise spanning graphic design, video editing, social media management, customer service, and media marketing, Zoe possesses a robust skill set anchored in the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft 365. Her dynamic presence enriches the Green Lake Team, where she excels at crafting visually enchanting content and articulating ideas with precision.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Zoe's creative spirit finds expression in crafting watercolor cards, nature-infused paintings, gouache portraits of cherished pets, and feminist collages. She derives immense satisfaction from the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of her work. Off the clock, Zoe delights in cherished moments with family and friends, embarking on hikes, delving into biographies and memoirs, and indulging her passion for experimental cooking, sans recipes. At her core, Zoe is a true artist, infusing creativity into every facet of her life.