Artist at work...

Matty B

With a professional career spanning over 16 years in the customer service industry and a rich musical journey of more than 17 years, Matty brings a diverse set of skills to his role at Green Lake Jewelry Works. Beyond his professional pursuits, he applies good use of his Vocal Performance with an opera emphasis graduate degree as a member of the Seattle-based Esoterics, showcasing his passion for music. He even possesses a unique talent for discerning the subtle intervals between pitches that resonate in the world around him. In a workshop bustling with bench jewelers and the harmonious clinks of metal, there's no doubt he will have a wealth of pitches to explore and appreciate every day!

At Green Lake, Matty relishes the opportunity to delve into the world of jewelry. His favorite aspect of the job is the constant learning and exploration of the jewelry domain, all while assisting customers with their needs, from intricate repairs to restoring the luster of cherished pieces.