Artist at work...

Basil H
Gold & Platinumsmith

Basil is a burgeoning talent in the world of jewelry craftsmanship. Her entry into the industry was sparked by a passion for adorning herself with jewelry and a crafty spirit. She began silversmithing as a hobby, and her love for the craft led to a desire for a career change. After taking a stone setting class, she secured her first job in the industry! At Green Lake Jewelry Works, Basil's greatest joy lies in transforming raw materials into exquisite jewelry pieces for people to cherish for generations.

Outside of work, Basil finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and enjoys outdoor activities like backpacking, rockhounding, mining for minerals, and foraging. Additionally, she is a passionate enthusiast of both crochet and the culinary arts, currently delving into the world of artisanal bread making!