Artist at work...

Kevin C
Gold & Platinumsmith

Kevin is a skilled artisan who embarked on his journey in the jewelry industry at a young age, refining his craft in setting and fabrication under the expert guidance of his parents. Rooted in a strong family tradition, Kevin transitioned seamlessly into the professional arena, accumulating valuable experience as a gemstone setter. In the workshop, his favorite aspect of the job extends beyond the technical skills— it's the opportunity to connect with customers and provide a complete jewelry shop experience. Building trust is central to his approach, and Kevin takes immense pride in contributing to every stage of the process, ensuring client satisfaction from inception to completion.

Beyond the jeweler's bench, Kevin finds artistic fulfillment in working on cars during his free time. Specializing in vinyl wrapping and custom modifications, he brings a unique touch to each project, mirroring the precision and creativity found in his jewelry craftsmanship.