Artist at work...

Samantha S
Social Media Lead

Samantha brings a vibrant blend of creativity and digital expertise to the world of jewelry. Graduating in 2022 with a degree in Digital Marketing and Communication from the University of Arizona, she has cultivated an impressive professional career as a Content Creator and Social Media Manager. Her roles have afforded her extensive hands-on experience in blog writing, social media management, user-generated content, influencer marketing, editing, and photography.

Within the dynamic environment of Green Lake Jewelry Works, Samantha treasures the creative freedom of her role, allowing her to artfully showcase ideas through strategic marketing and photography. Reveling in the ever-evolving nature of the jewelry industry, she approaches each day with enthusiasm, continuously learning and discovering new and exciting facets of the field.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Samantha dedicates her free time to various artistic endeavors that reflect her diverse interests and vibrant personality. From indulging in travel and attending concerts and music festivals to exploring farmers markets, immersing herself in the beauty industry, and enjoying outdoor activities, Samantha's well-rounded passions perfectly complement her professional acumen!