Artist at work...

Nathan K
Gold & Platinumsmith

Nathan, most commonly referred to as Kasper, is a seasoned jeweler boasting over a decade of expertise in the industry, specializing in the meticulous restoration of both antique pieces and those afflicted by fire or water damage. Nathan's journey in the realm of jewelry began under the mentorship of a master fabricator and a master jeweler, who imparted invaluable lessons during his apprenticeship.

Yet, Kasper's artistic prowess didn't originate at the jeweler's bench. Once a classical pianist, he transitioned into the realms of tailoring and accessory design for private clients. The finesse, precision, and keen eye cultivated in these diverse pursuits seamlessly translate into Kasper's remarkable craftsmanship, particularly evident in his attention to the subtle intricacies of jewelry.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Design & Technology, a certification as a master gardener, a personal passion for ceramic sculpture, and his time as a professional pet photographer, Kasper boasts a broad spectrum of skills. However, amidst this diversity, a common thread persists—Kasper's unwavering commitment to curating a personalized journey for his clients. As he eloquently puts it, "People don't really have the opportunity to experience that very often anymore, so it's a really special experience.