Artist at work...

Marina G
Designer | Seattle Studio
GIA Graduate Gemologist , JDT, AJP
Available for in-studio and virtual consultations

Marina is a talented jewelry designer with a passion for creating unique and meaningful pieces. Holding a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, Marina's journey into design began with a focus on enhancing people's experiences through innovative solutions. After completing a diploma in Jewelry Design and Technology from GIA and earning a Graduate Gemology certification, Marina transitioned from a sales associate at a family-owned jewelry business in Chicago to a dedicated jewelry designer. Inspired by the emotional impact of jewelry on customers, Marina finds joy in bringing her customer's visions to life and witnessing their profound reactions to the finished pieces.

With a deep appreciation for family as a constant source of inspiration, Marina brings a sense of history and purpose to her work, citing Amber as a favorite gemstone for its fossil-like essence—a reminder to keep moving forward while carrying a piece of the past. As a certified SCUBA diver, Marina dives into both the artistic and adventurous aspects of life, creating a well-rounded and vibrant presence at Green Lake Jewelry Works.