Artist at work...

Maddie T
Designer | Seattle Studio
Available for in-studio and virtual consultations

Maddie's lifelong adoration for jewelry blossomed from childhood, where her keen eye for accessorizing emerged as soon as she could dress herself. Accompanying her father to jewelry stores for special occasions, she cherished the moments of trying on jewelry, being adorned with pearls, and playfully balancing oversized rings on her fingers.

Her love of accessories is not all she brings; she has a diverse blend of education and experience. Graduating from the University of Washington with double majors in Art History and Communications and a GIA Applied Jewelry Professional Degree, she has cultivated a strong foundation for her career.

Throughout her work history, Maddie has demonstrated her versatility in roles varying from luxury jewelry sales to appraisal and evaluation services as a professional numismatist (an expert who specializes in the trading of coins, currency, and related artifacts). Now, Maddie is thrilled to bring her artistic background to the forefront in her role as a designer at Green Lake Jewelry Works, where she looks forward to crafting unique future heirlooms.

Outside of work, Maddie channels her creativity into artistic endeavors such as digital art and painting. As a Seattle native, she finds joy in exploring nature with her dog and fiancé, discovering new coffee shops, and indulging her passion for thrifting and antiquing. A self-proclaimed crystal nerd with a personal collection of over 200 crystals, Maddie draws inspiration from nature, especially the soothing energies of the ocean.