Artist at work...

Lumi A
CAM Assistant

Lumi is a multi-talented jewelry enthusiast who brings creativity and passion to the GLJW team! With a background in engineering and a detour into the world of body modification, Lumi's journey to fine jewelry is as unique as her favorite gemstone, Labradorite. After discovering her knack for creative expression, she dove headfirst into tattooing and high-end body jewelry.

Lumi's artistic flair doesn't stop there—she's a painter, a tattoo artist, and a crochet wizard. When she's not crafting stunning pieces or perfecting her bench skills, you'll find her soaking up inspiration from the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest on hikes or indulging her sweet tooth with some homemade cakes and pastries. As she embarks on her journey with us, she's excited to spread joy through her creations and to continue to grow as a bench jeweler.