Artist at work...

Technical Director
Production system developer
CAD modeler

From Japan to Seattle – by way of Indiana’s Ball State University where he studied Metal Arts – Shinya is Green Lake Jewelry Work’s IT magician, and web developer extraordinaire. Though he originally started out as a bench jeweler and designer for one of largest online retailers in the world, it was at Green Lake where Shinya really turned on his tech side. From crafting custom pieces in 3D CAD to launching this small shop into a robust online service with his sharp programming acumen, his is a service that’s indispensable to designers and clients looking to collaborate from a far.

In addition to recently winning the 2012 and 2014 Matrix design award for jewelry, Shinya is also very much in tune with fashion, art, and is particularly fond of chairs: Having bought 10 chairs in the past 5 years alone, it’s his greatest ambition to work up to the sleek (yet pricey) Eames lounge chair.

Sample of Shinya's portfolio | Custom designs, work and favorite projects