Eric R
Creative Director
Development Team
Media Relations

A graduate of Oregon State University’s School of Communication, and student of hospitality management from Switzerland’s Glion Institute of Higher Education, Eric helps to set the Green Lake experience apart from that of conventional a jewelry store. A style-centered entrepreneur who’d opened several hospitality-centered retail operations before joining the company in 2011, he’s consulted with a range of leading brands, including LVMH and Pepsi Corporation. In addition, Eric leads much of the company’s social responsibility activity, managing the new Nigerian Sapphire Initiative at Green Lake, serving on the advisory board for the global Mercury Free Mining Challenge, and acting as a member of the Fairmined Licensees and Operators. He is also a contributor to INSTORE Magazine, is the staff writer for the Green Lake blog, and (while away from the office) is the volunteer editor for a Seattle-area community newspaper.

Did you know? Eric is a speaker of Mandarin Chinese with years of work in Beijing and Shanghai, where he once organized a State Dinner for Secretary Hillary Clinton at the 2010 World Expo.

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