Artist at work...

Design Group Training and Development Director
Senior Designer
GIA Graduate Gemologist, GIA AJP

Sophia combines a flair for artistic design and technical expertise in jewelry creation, as well as client vision and taste to produce stunningly beautiful, unique pieces that will light up the room. She has examined and sourced thousands of gemstones, and her experience can both articulate exactly what clients are looking for in a gemstone as well as assess qualities often missed by the naked eye. Throughout her studies in fine arts and metalsmithing at the University of Washington, she developed creative and professional skills that make her an invaluable asset to Green Lake—and a trusted designer to our clients. Sophia is a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Sophia’s love affair with jewelry began in at an early age, where a fervor for wearing chic jewelry soon ignited an interest in crafting her own unique pieces in silver. Throughout her studies in fine arts and metalsmithing at the University of Washington, she developed both skill and expertise, where she created pieces that ranged from a charming music box complete with melody to a rotating carousal ring with hand carved horse figurines, as well as delicate flowers from sheet metal to ancient décor pomander.

Naturally creative yet thoroughly detail-oriented, Sophia’s favorite designs range from elaborate filigree (recognized by their intricate curls and organic antique details) to more modern, minimalist styles. She values the importance of her client’s input and works to collaborate with them to set their ideas in metal and precious gemstones.

Sophia joined Green Lake in early 2007. At Green Lake, Sophia participates in the creation of the jewelry and is inspired by the amazing stories that are cause for creating a custom piece, as well as the story that follows the gifting piece. To Sophia, creating jewelry is akin to creating history. She loves looking at antique jewelry and wondering who wore it before, why it was designed, and how it was made; and this is what makes working at Green Lake Jewelry Works so rewarding for her. She wants everyone to know that jewelry is not only pretty adornment. It can become part of the wearer’s life story, representing milestones and memories of loved ones.

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