Artist at work...

Dat Le
Shop Foreman | Seattle Studio
Gold and Platinumsmith
Gem Setter, Specialty in Hand Fabrication

For Dat, crafting fine jewelry is a legacy. Growing up watching his uncle set gemstones and polish finishing touches onto rings with pain-staking intricacy inspired him at a young age to follow the family business and do something only a relative few are skilled enough to do. For the better half of a decade he’s been with Green Lake, and is similarly relied upon for fabricating some of the most challenging designs entirely by hand. It’s this kind of work that is the most stimulating—albeit at times vexing—and yet, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

After finishing his formal studies in San Jose, Dat worked for several years within a friend’s storefront, mostly on repair and restoration, before moving to Washington where he began producing original pieces in Bellevue.