Artist at work...

Gold & Platinumsmith
Restoration and Unique Finishes Specialist

Perhaps the most seasoned jeweler in the Green Lake workshop, Ray started out crafting fine jewelry in 1969 after completing his four-year apprenticeship as a diamond setter through the State of Washington. An owner and operator of his own custom jewelry storefront and trade business for many years, Ray presently oversees much of the restoration work we do and also lends his years of expertise to the creation of new pieces.

He began at Seattle’s Jos. Mayer & Bros, a manufacturer made famous by its turn of the century sterling silver flatware. In 1977 Ray joined up with a partner to forge Freedom Rings Inc., a Seattle-based trade shop focused on fabrication and restoration for a collection of leading names in jewelry throughout the area. One storefront, Karfstedt Jewelry, was particularly well positioned for custom jewelry work and in 1989 they purchased it to complement their growing trade business—which ran until 2004. Since then Ray has been at Green Lake.

The most satisfying custom jewelry piece Ray points to was a ‘penguin ring wedding set,’ diamond-studded in white gold. At that time it was the kind of design considered so obscure it wasn’t taken very seriously and the grade school teacher who was looking to have it made was turned away by several shops before finding Ray. He of course crafted this set to perfection and made a client for life. It’s his can-do attitude that continues to aid in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces to this day.