Artist at work...

Gold & Platinumsmith
Gem Setter
Specialty in hand fabrication

Joe Worley is a classically trained Gold and Platinumsmith in the European tradition of hand-fabrication. Under a formal apprenticeship with a master jeweler, he repeated basic projects in copper and brass until the strict standards of his mentor were achieved.

Hand-fabricating fine jewelry under the guidance of a traditional master jeweler is a very unique privilege in today's world – and an increasingly rare skill as more jewelers enlist computer aided design programs to lower production costs.

Joe began with Green Lake in the old lakeside studio as a bench jeweler in 2004, eventually rising to Green Lake shop foreman, where he now fashions the most dazzling hand-fabricated, custom-made rings.

Joe is especially proud of his hand-made, sculpted Mokume bands and other complex hand fabricated pieces.