Custom 18kt yellow gold engagement ring with Flowers & filigree (ref #83825)

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Ellie L


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What the Owner of this Piece says...

Anna's ring is made of 18K yellow gold; and has a round/split shank with pierced detail. It has a 4-prong trellis setting, with floral accents on either side. Other design elements include red sapphire accent stones, hand-crafted filigree, and custom engraved scrollwork on the faces. The center stone is a round brilliant, ideal cut diamond (0.75 carats, near-colorless, & internally flawless).

The GLJW designer, Ellie, did a fantastic job and was extremely patient with me as I went back time after time requesting modifications in an effort to create a unique ring that Anna would love and treasure (Let's hope she does when the time comes...) :)

Ellie and GLJW were fantastic, and created a beautiful, custom engagement ring for about the same cost as that of a mass produced ring sold by chain jewelers. I highly recommend them if you know anybody who is jewelry shopping!

post by nathaniel at 2/16/2013 2:11:49 PM