Each of our natural white diamonds are cut from rough sourced primarily from Canada, Russia & the 'Botswana sort' (which can include lesser amounts of Namibian, South African and some Canadian material). Our Fancy Color & Rose cut diamonds are primarily cut from Australian rough.
All instock diamonds have been hand selected for exceptional beauty & value by our in house diamond experts and we guarantee them for exceptional quality.
This assures you of diamonds that have benefited their local communities and which have been mined and cut where fair labor standards and excellent human rights records prevail. We also stock recycled antique diamonds as well as Lab Grown Diamonds.
Each of our in stock natural mined diamonds is hand selected for exceptional beauty & value by our in house diamond experts.
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Most designs can be customized to fit other sizes or shapes of course, so please Ask a Designer, call or live Chat for help.

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1.31 D IF $13240
1.40 F SI2 $7072
1.31 E IF $13591
1.40 D VS2 $11004
1.43 D IF $18422
1.32 D IF $17254
1.34 D VVS1 $16606
1.40 D VVS1 $15937
1.40 E VS2 $11041
1.40 H SI1 $8770
1.38 D SI2 $8492
1.40 G SI2 $8056
1.40 H SI1 $7979
1.33 G SI1 $7927
1.40 I SI2 $6475
1.31 H SI1 $6243
1.32 H SI2 $5763
1.33 L VS1 $4077
1.32 K VS2 $4017
1.35 L SI1 $3710
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